White Trees

by White Trees

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released August 7, 2008



all rights reserved


White Trees London, UK

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Track Name: Up The Tower
He was driving his car, not worrying about what was coming up. His life was a long road full of surprises, looking around he could not see what was coming. Some were good and some were bad but he wanted to see both. He stopped at a gas station to get a shot of coffee, drove all the way north to the west coast. Till he saw the pink Cadillac. He drank all he could he danced like a fool. He dove in the deep dark sea, lost his mind his wallet his life and his keys.

No worries on his mind
Noe duties of any kind
No time to follow
No tomorrow to define
Track Name: The Game Of Love
I catch you standing
Standing in front of me
Where are you looking?
What do you want to see?
Read my lips
Look at my eyes
Dream of your reality
Wish you could be with me again
Again and again

I can't forget you
Get outside my head
I don't want to see again
You're not beautiful inside
But don't you forget me
I'm going back in your head
You smell like a goddess
But your scent is poisonous
Inflame my head
The game of love

Close your eyes and dream
Dream of what you wish
Wish I could be yours
Your puppet with strings
You think you can always win
In the little game you play
But I won't fall again
In the game of love
The game of love

This time is the last time
Let me walk away
If want to see me
Turn around and say goodbye

I'm your puppet I'm your puppet
I'm you puppet now
Track Name: Buildings
Why don't you break, me again?
It's not what you planned is it?
I've got to say I'm leaving for good
I've got to say I'm leaving you again

Because you are alone
And all that you see is real

It's just imaginary, tell me how you feel
It's just imaginary
Girl I've got to tell you how much I care
I really got to tell you that I really do

Cause it's enough, enough
And all that you see is real

Don't you know that I can be your friend?
Don't you know that I can be here again?
Track Name: Streets Of Figuration
She's walkin alone on the streets of desperation
She's walkin alone on the streets of confusion
Does she know that she's got no time to spare
Does she know that she's going to lose her head

I'm walkin alone in a city that never sleeps
Passing by, I can see her and read her lips
She's not alone, I am holding her by my side
She's not alone, still she's breaking down to cry

Forget about me, you will never see me again
Go back home, I won't miss you a single night
Does she know that she's got no time to spare
Does she know that she's going to lose her head
Track Name: Going Up Slowly
I'm going up for good, flying to the moon.
Ready for liftoff
Take me up to the stars, show me the way
Flotation is easy

Since you've been gone, I've been waving at your planet
I'm landing slowly, slowly, slowly